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In this episode, you get to meet the one and only Chris Parrish.

Chris is a native East Coaster but she and her husband moved to Washington about 6 years ago to raise their family. Some of their immediate family also moved nearby as well.

Chris enjoys her “day job” as an auditor and is very good at it.

But her passion is learning new and interesting things, one of which is cooking. She is a master! Her specialty is macarons. She makes the BEST macarons this side of the Colorado Rockies but doesn't (yet) ship them to you. You have to come get 'em. Megan and Bill encouraged Chris to get out of her comfort zone a tiny bit and figure out how to ship them cross-country for any and everybody who wants them!

(We think she'll do it!)

We had a great talk! Chris is fun, engaging, and brings that distinct New York attitude to everything she does!

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Vinney Chopra (Episode #3)
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