This is a very informal “chat” that we will have.

Most likely, I will know you in real life. Therefore, I'll open the show with a story about how we met or something I know about you. It could be an anecdote. But it will be personal.

I will try not to embarrass you. LOL.

Then the convo goes how the convo goes. Feel free to talk about anything.

I will do some minor “wrangling” to get us on track if we get lost somewhere on a tangent.

I know people want to hear “how you got started.” What's your origin story? It doesn't have to be, and I doubt it will be, something incredible, like how you were born of a virgin and had an absentee dad busy ghostwriting a book about His Greatness.

We want to hear your journey: How you got from screaming baby to the adult you are today. What happened in between.

And, of course, where do you want to go? What's next? What do you want to be “when you grow up?”

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