This was another fun one!

A few weeks ago, I went to Las Vegas for a celebration of sorts: A real estate investor who publishes several videos per day was celebrating hitting the 50,000 subscriber mark.

This event attracted a few hundred people (limited by venue size–it was sold out), one of which is the guy you're about to get to know.

Paul Rink is an interesting fella. He is young, charismatic, and has his fingers in a whole bunch of business ventures.

Yesterday, we sat down to talk about all of them–and more. Watch, like, and subscribe!

The Paul Rink Project

If you're on the go and can't watch but want to listen:


In an engaging session with Paul Rink on “Two Guys Talkin',” Bill Davis delves into Rink's multifaceted career, ranging from his real estate ventures to his unique axe-throwing business.

Rink, an entrepreneur at heart, shares his journey from exploring real estate investment after a job loss to leveraging his military discipline for business success. He offers insights into the challenges of maintaining focus, the intricacies of real estate investment, and the creative strategies that have driven his success.

Rink also discusses his ventures into axe throwing, highlighting the business' mobile aspect and his approach to customer engagement and marketing.

Additionally, Rink touches on his passion for running and his goal to race in every state, revealing his competitive spirit and dedication to personal goals. By the way, he doesn't just run, he WINS.

The conversation transitions into the complexities of private lending and the strategic navigation of financial landscapes, underscoring Rink's entrepreneurial acumen and adaptive strategies in diverse business arenas.


  • Real estate investing requires focus and perseverance, and it's important to find creative strategies to succeed in the current market.
  • Automation can save time and provide peace of mind by automating bill payments and other financial processes.
  • Social media platforms, such as YouTube, can be powerful tools for promotion and building a personal brand.
  • Having multiple streams of income and exploring different business opportunities can lead to success and financial stability. Credit card hacking can be a lucrative way to fund travel expenses through rewards, referrals, and bonuses. Somehow, Paul has over 2,000 credit cards. That's not a typo!
  • Running and racing can be a fulfilling hobby and a way to explore different states and connect with people.
  • Starting a mobile business, such as a mobile axe throwing business, can provide flexibility and opportunities for growth.
  • Private lending in real estate can be a profitable venture, but it requires careful underwriting and management.
  • Advice from Paul: Focus on one business or venture at a time to ensure better organization and success.

How to Find Paul Rink

Paul Rink can be found at the following social media sites. I've placed a link to one of his websites below, too.

This was a really great interview. I hope you enjoy it.

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