Two Guys Talkin'

"Just two people talking about life, business, and the things that make our Very Interesting People tick."

Bill Davis

Founder, Two guys talkin' podcast

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We learn about each other. We talk. We share life experiences.


Success is individual. While some may consider "making $x" as "success," others may define it differently. Our VIPs tell us: What is success to you and how will you know when you achieve it?


We learn about our VIP (Very Interesting People) in terms of their business or career. What are they doing? How did they get where they are now? Where do they want to go?

What makes you tick?

What makes you want to wake up in the morning and seize the day? Why do you do what you do?

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My Awesome Podcast Audience says:

This is a brand-new podcast. I don't have any reviews. But when I have some, I'll be sure to replace the fake ones below with actual real reviews. Okay?

OH MAN! That show you had on with Megan was amazing. She's really awesome! How the hell do you find such interesting people, Bill?

Anna Smith


Hoo boy! That interview you had with the real estate guy was incredible! He's the most energetic man I've ever seen!

Paul Simmons

Business analyst

I love all your shows. They're great! Thanks for doing them and I hope to keep listening to all your VIPs!

Julia Moore


Tell Me More about the "two guys talkin'" Podcast

I'm not Joe Rogan. (Thank God for small miracles!)

I'm kind of kidding. While I cannot begrudge the dude for building the biggest podcast on the planet, and I think he's a good MMA commentator and also pretty good at comedy, I'm not a fan.

But Joe Rogan is great at being Joe Rogan.

I'm here to be me. And my Very Interesting People (VIPs) are here to be themselves.

We will be having casual and hopefully very interesting conversations that will inspire, entertain, and inform.

If you watch & Listen, you may:


Be inspired.


Be entertained.


Learn a few things.


Collect 20 "Attaboys" or "Attagirls". YMMV.


Be personally thanked by me (worth at least $10 in Monopoly money).

About Bill Davis

I try to be a good human. I am a son, husband, and father.

I have run several businesses and have also worked at several (unsuccessful) start-ups as well as some Fortune 500 companies.

I know a thing or two about a thing or two.

But most of all, I like learning about my VIPs and what makes them tick.

I am thrilled to start the "Two Guys Talkin' Podcast." It's been something I've been contemplating for a few years.

Now seems to be a great time to start. Why? Why not.

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Critic's reviews

If I were a professional critic (and I am NOT), I'd say that the Two Guys Talkin' podcast is a blast! It's fun, heart-warming, and sometimes gut-wrenching. The people Bill has on are INCREDIBLE!

John Hoffman

Editor at Coach Magazine

Bill has the best guests! They are SUPER-INTERESTING! I want to meet all of them, hang out, talk, and be creative with them. But since this "review" is just Bill making stuff up, I'll stop here. Bill is the BEST. Okay, I'm done. But really, he's awesome and so are his VIPs!

joanna Harris

new york times