I know, I know. EVERYBODY wants to get your email address. I admit–I want it, too.

But it's because I love you and I will send you cool stuff!

I'm not like those other fools who want to bombard you with offer after offer after offer.

Oh, sometimes, I might tell you about something that I think is cool that I bought or used and maybe you should buy it or use it, too? You know?

But mostly, I will let you know about new episodes of the podcast:

  • When the next episode will be published
  • Who the guest is
  • Maybe a summary of what we talked about

From time to time, like I said above, I may mention something that I think could help you in some way. And it might cost you some moolah.

I'm being upfront. BUT THAT is not my primary objective here. What is primary is introducing you to my VIPs (Very Interesting People), getting to know them, and learning from one another.


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