The incomparable Vinney “Smile” Chopra

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Welcome to Episode #3 of “Two Guys Talkin'” featuring VIP Vinney Chopra! In this exciting episode, we're joined by the remarkable Vinney Chopra, a real estate tycoon and best-selling author. Alongside hosts Megan and Bill, Vinney shares valuable life tips and hacks to amplify your success.

Vinney's journey began over 40 years ago when he arrived in the United States from India with only $7 in his wallet, aiming to pursue his MBA. However, destiny had something extraordinary in store for him. During his college years, Vinney found himself engaged in the door-to-door bookselling business. Through dedication, he put in relentless effort, working 80-hour weeks for three summers during college summer breaks.

This experience not only taught him the art of selling but also how to gracefully handle rejection, earning him the endearing “Smile” nickname. Watch this TikTok video to see how becoming a salesperson literally changed Vinney's life!

Don't miss this mind-expanding episode where Vinney's contagious energy and positivity make for an entertaining recording session. As someone who has known Vinney for years, I can vouch that he's one of the most spirited and optimistic individuals I've ever encountered.

Make sure to get a copy of Vinney's book, “Positivity Brings Profitability,” and experience the transformative power of positivity in your life.

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