We really had a great conversation with the founders of Heartfelt Productions, John & Brandon Laubhan!


I met John at Michael Zuber's 50k subscriber celebration for his One Rental At A Time event in Vegas last month. I found out he played professional baseball in what I consider to be the Golden Era of the sport (the '70s and '80s–mostly because I was a HUGE baseball fan back then).

We talked about some of his teammates. He got to play with Chili Davis, a San Francisco Giants great of that timeframe.

Fast forward a bit, where Beau Eckstein and I got on a podcast in front of Heartfelt Productions, where John was leading the management of the pod. We talked mostly about AI.

Afterwards, the three of us talked more about AI, business, relationships, and a whole host of other topics.

That's when I asked John to be on Two Guys Talkin'.

What you read, see, and hear below is our interview, uncut and unedited, except for a slight “leveling” of the audio (I hope it turns out well, as I'm writing this as the monkeys spin the editing app–thanks Riverside!).

Podcast Summary

Brandon & John Laubhan share their journey of starting Heartfelt Productions, a video production company in Las Vegas.

They discuss the importance of finding passion and working together as a team. They also highlight the value of building relationships, continuous learning, and using video to close deals.

The conversation touches on the evolution of video and the potential impact of AI in the industry. The conversation explores the power of authenticity and long-form content in video, emphasizing the importance of building relationships and providing value to clients.

It also explores the significance of documenting life through video and the benefits of podcasting as a relationship-building tool.

The conversation highlights the value of learning from failures and iterating, as well as the importance of finding a need, building value, and bringing value to clients.

It also emphasizes the power of one opportunity and the importance of doing the reps and gaining experience.

Finally, the conversation discusses the fallacy of gear and the obligation to tell stories through filmmaking.

In this conversation, Brandon, John, and Bill discuss the power of podcasting and the value of approaching successful individuals for interviews. They also share personal stories of overcoming adversity and the importance of defining success on one's own terms.

The conversation highlights the role of mentors and the impact of storytelling through the lens. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the importance of belief, support, and personal growth in achieving success.


  • Passion and teamwork are essential for building a successful business.
  • Continuous learning and adapting to new technologies are crucial for staying ahead in the industry.
  • Building relationships and providing value through video can help close deals.
  • Maintaining ethical business practices and working with a team of like-minded individuals can lead to long-term success. Podcasting provides a platform for continuous learning and the opportunity to connect with successful individuals.
  • Approaching successful individuals for interviews can lead to valuable insights and personal growth.
  • Overcoming adversity and proving others wrong can fuel personal and professional growth.
  • Success should be defined on one's own terms, and happiness and fulfillment should be prioritized.

Audio Podcast

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