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Meet Anni Ponder.


Spirituality and faith can be deeply personal journeys of discovery. For some, it involves questioning dogmatic beliefs and embracing nuance and mystery. Anni Ponder has walked such a path, leading her to profound insights about divine feminine energy.

In this enlightening tenth episode of the Two Guys Talkin' podcast, hosts Megan Hays-Reid and Bill Davis speak with Anni about her spiritual perspectives. The dialogue explores deconstructing rigid doctrine, healing the “Mother wound,” and expressing one’s authentic self.

Anni’s Spiritual Journey

Early in the episode, Anni shares about her childhood instinct for deep thinking and mystical experiences. She describes her journey of wrestling with questions that didn’t align with the fundamentalist Christian teachings she grew up with.

A major focus of the conversation is Anni’s view of the “Divine feminine,” which she affectionately calls “Mama God.” She explains how connecting to feminine spirit is crucial for rebalancing humanity, including healing the “Mother wound.” This relates to the disconnection both women and men can feel from the sacred feminine.

Anni and Megan reflect on meeting previously at an event with author Rob Bell. They recall Anni courageously asking him if Christianity could ever accept “Mama God.” Though his initial response was negative, Anni holds out hope that open-minded Christians are realizing the importance of feminine divinity.

In this thought-provoking exchange, Anni also discusses:

  • Defining success as becoming your authentic self
  • Leaving teaching to passionately write and speak her truth
  • Facing backlash for sharing controversial spiritual perspectives
  • Living with an undivided heart and mind despite skepticism

Her perspectives are profound, challenging, and insightful. Anni models deeply-exploring spirituality while staying rooted in love and openness.

Key Takeaways

  • Rigid dogma can obstruct spiritual growth. Questioning deepens wisdom. 
  • Healing the “Mother wound” involves embracing feminine energy. This brings wholeness.
  • Becoming your true self is life’s essential purpose. This means rejecting inauthenticity.
  • Though sharing truths may risk ridicule, living authentically requires courage.

The conversation is a mind-opening glimpse into Anni’s unique spiritual journey. It encourages reflection on embracing mystery, healing through inner connection, and expressing one’s authentic soul.

Anni Ponder’s story highlights the rewards of adventuring beyond limiting beliefs to expand spiritual horizons. She inspires others to live and love boldly in their truth, despite potential disapproval.

Ultimately, Anni models the wisdom that integrity and empathy matter more than rigid rules. She shows how embracing the “Divine feminine” creates wholeness and compassion.

Anni can be found writing on her blog, posting inspirational photos on Instagram, or sharing moving stories on Facebook.

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