In today's episode of Two Guys Talkin', Megan and Bill are chatting with Beau Eckstein, a titan in the worlds of real estate investing, commercial finance, and business ownership, for a compelling conversation filled with nuggets of wisdom.

Beau's awe-inspiring journey from a 20 year old telemarketer to a successful business ownership coach is sure to fuel the entrepreneur in you.

He generously shares his insights on leveraging YouTube as a powerful platform for content creation, revealing how a simple YouTube video catapulted him onto an HGTV series called “Flip It to Win It.”

Tune in as we unravel the magic of YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, and its potential to generate evergreen content that can be indexed on Google.

Beau is a master at juggling roles, managing multiple avatars for his diverse services like lending and loans, franchises and business acquisition. He divulges his success story of raking in over a thousand booked appointments through his YouTube channel and making waves by guesting on renowned podcasts.

Explore with us as Beau walks us through the strategy behind creating successful funnels on YouTube and how he capitalizes on search trends to grow his business.

Beau's entrepreneurial journey is a true testament to the power of passion and persistence. From his early days in telemarketing and then flipping houses to ultimately coaching business owners, Beau's story is motivational and inspiring.

He strongly advocates for the role of a coach in translating ideas into reality and encourages youngsters to follow their hearts.

Beau's vision is to help 10,000 people become entrepreneurs in the next 10 years. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, this episode promises to leave you with plenty of food for thought.

(0:00:00) – Success Through Value-Packed Marketing on YouTube
(0:05:27) – Exploring YouTube as a Business Hub
(0:19:45) – Navigating Career Paths and Encouraging Entrepreneurship
(0:31:27) – Business Coaching and Personal Development
(0:45:34) – Exploring Hobbies and Passion Projects
(0:58:18) – Finding Success and Delegating Responsibilities

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You can find Beau on YouTube and on his website.

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