Welcome to Episode #5 of “Two Guys Talkin'” featuring VIP Abby White! This was our longest podcast to date.

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An Idaho native's life journey…

It was our distinct privilege and honor to sit down and chat with Abby White today!

Megan and I had a blast. I think Abby did, too 🙂

Here are a few key points from the conversation. You have to watch the video to get all the juice!

Abby White founded the Hope Development Practice Agency in 2019, focusing on LGBTQIA+ support, community engagement, and reforming therapist employment. She started the agency in honor of her late father, who was an advocate for marginalized groups. The agency employs 20 LGBTQIA+ therapists and offers support groups.

We discussed the stigma around mental health issues and how to normalize talking about it, especially with kids. Communication, empathy, and being “awkward” can help.

We discussed the value of Pride events in promoting inclusion and community. Abby organizes the East Pierce County Pride event, called Plateau Pride. This year, she spearheaded the second annual event.

Abby talked about the challenges in obtaining funding and sustainability for the agency. Grants and insurance help cover costs but it is still difficult.

Abby helped take care of Megan's daughter Violet when Megan was filming MasterChef. They shared fun memories from their time together in California.

We also talked about the importance of therapist self-care and reasonable caseloads to avoid burnout and to better serve their patients. There is a shortage of therapists due to the nature of the profession, stress, and relatively low pay. High demand makes the shortages even more concerning.

Abby mentioned that we should all read “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk” – Amazon link – https://amzn.to/459KhDL

Check out the links below!

Hope Development Practice

All of Abby's important links, in addition to her practice above, can be found here – https://linktr.ee/hopedevelopmentp

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