This is our very first episode, with the one-and-only Megan Hays-Reid.

Play the audio here:

She's a TV star, TikTok influencer, Motelier, mother of three and wife to… ONE! (That's good because she lives VERY CLOSE to Utah! I kid…maybe.)

Megan is one of my good friends and also one of my favorite people!

Megan's TikTok channel blew up after she posted a how-to on making cinnamon rolls – she got 8 million views! Her latest video, all 5 seconds of it, garnered over 16,000 views…the first day it went live.


She started making videos of herself making homemade soaps, laundry detergent, and other stuff, and then started focusing on food.

That's when the folks at MasterChef called her.

She thought it was a prank. I told her to tell them to piss off.

But they persevered and got her on the show!

Not only that, but she and her husband own a roadside motel in a very small town named Cokeville in Wyoming. It's called the Hideout Motel.

And while it may be a small lodging establishment, it is always full!

This was a great talk. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think you will, too.

Megan brings passion & creativity to all she does and it's INFECTIOUS!

Choosing What Works for You
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