In this episode of Two Guys Talkin', our hosts, Megan Hays-Reid and Bill Davis, sit down with the incredible Madame Donut to discuss her journey, her love for donuts, and her efforts to make a difference in her community. It's an inspiring and heartwarming conversation that sheds light on the challenges faced by indigenous people and the power of community support.

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Here are 5 key takeaways from this episode:

1️⃣ Madame Donut's passion for helping her community shines through as she organized a team of chefs to provide food for those affected by displacement. It's truly amazing how people come together in times of need.

2️⃣ Donuts don't have to be seen as “junk” food. Madame Donut believes that when made properly, donuts can be elevated to exquisite treats that challenge our perceptions.

3️⃣ Madame Donut is on a mission to change people's minds about unhealthy food and show that indulging in treats can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Let's break the stereotype and enjoy our favorite treats guilt-free!

4️⃣ The power of giving back and supporting others is a driving force for Madame Donut. Her involvement in helping her community during crises and working with organizations like Common Ground Collective is truly awe-inspiring.

5️⃣ The devastating fire in Maui has created a need for rebuilding, not only physically but also emotionally. Madame Donut emphasizes the importance of mental health support and offers resources on how to help from a distance.

Now, here's a fun fact from the episode: Madame Donut got her start in the donut world by attending baking school and was initially skeptical about donuts being included on top restaurant menus. However, when a renowned chef shared a donut dessert recipe with her, she quickly discovered their potential for greatness!

We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we did. It's incredible how Madame Donut's unique journey combines her passion for baking with her dedication to helping others.

As always, we encourage you to take action and make a difference, no matter how small. Consider supporting local businesses, sharing words of support through programs like Voices of Aloha, or donating to organizations that are actively involved in rebuilding and supporting those affected by the fire in Maui.

Thank you for your unwavering support, and stay tuned for more inspiring content coming your way!

Sending you lots of love,

The Two Guys Talkin' Team

4:27 – Media coverage of disasters like the Lahaina fires
21:55 – Working with local farms and sourcing food relief ingredients
26:33 – Partnering with World Central Kitchen
34:46 – Growing up on a farm in the Philippines
35:28 – Finding chickens everywhere in Maui
37:47 – Moving to Maui from San Francisco as an adult
38:57 – Growing up without electricity in rural Philippines
40:01 – Respecting the use of the whole animal
41:24 – Helping manage the overpopulation of axis deer
43:20 – Attending baking school and becoming fascinated by donuts
48:29 – Origins of her Madame Donut persona
49:37 – Legally changing her name to Madame Donut
52:04 – Focusing on supporting local economy first
53:11 – Connections between her mission and donut economics
55:28 – Pushing to go by her chosen name on MasterChef
57:15 – Appreciating MasterChef showing her thanking Chef Rush for his community work
1:05:53 – Starting Donut Dynamite initially to showcase her skills
1:11:44 – The need for mental health resources
1:12:28 – Encouraging tourism and supporting local businesses
1:13:32 – Practicing cultural sensitivity as a visitor to Maui
1:14:41 – Volunteering and supporting small businesses as a tourist
1:17:19 – Discussing her podcast covering sustainability

Enjoy the show!

And please, contribute to the Maui fire victims in any and all ways you can!

To send directly to victims:

To donate to Madame Donut's organization
They are currently making meals that they deliver to Lahaina daily:

Maui Mutual Aid
To donate to Kanaka managed organization:

Maui Strong Fund
Another locally managed fundraiser:

Madame Donut Bio

Madame Donut is a chef who’s famous for her handcrafted artisanal donuts at Donut Dynamite! in Maui, Hawaii. She has won Donut Showdown on The Cooking Channel and can be seen competing on MasterChef Season 13, currently airing on the FOX Network.

Besides donuts, Madame Donut is active within the community at promoting local food sustainability on Maui. As a chef, she is committed to featuring locally-sourced ingredients and continues to pursue relationships with local farms, fishermen, and hunters.

Watch out for her several creative projects that highlight the beautiful island of Maui, coming soon.

You can find Madame Donut on Instagram –

Michele Karabin (Episode #9)
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