Meet Michael DiPietro & Marcey Donnelly, co-authors of “The Inside Guide”

We often find ourselves caught up in the complexities of life, constantly searching for meaning and fulfillment. We yearn for an expanded consciousness, a deeper understanding of our purpose, and a roadmap to navigate the sometimes tumultuous journey of personal transformation.

But what if the answers to these profound questions lie within us, waiting to be unlocked and understood?

In our most recent podcast episode, ‘Two Guys Talkin” cohosts Megan and Bill, had the privilege to talk with Michael DiPietro and Marcey Donnelly, co-authors of the enlightening book, ‘The Inside Guide‘, who shared their wisdom and insights on living a fulfilling life.

(0:00:01) – Writing Process and Purpose of Books PLUS “We are a puzzle”
(0:13:16) – Living a WHOLE and FULFILLED Life
(0:28:23) – Perspective, Perception, and Personal Transformation
(0:41:03) – Creating Collective Awakening and Personal Transformation
(0:53:40) – The Role of Synchronicity and Perception
(1:02:14) – Navigating Spiritual Practices and Self-Reflection
(1:13:09) – Understanding and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
(1:25:58) – Exploring Purpose and Success
(1:35:09) – Fan Connection and Future Returns

Our conversation revolved around a myriad of thought-provoking topics. From the power of perception and its role in shaping our experiences to the importance of synchronicity and personal transformation. Our discussion led us to explore the monastic tradition of the West, where we delved into the philosophy of living a WHOLE and fulfilled life.

The co-authors have diverse backgrounds. Michael, with a background in engineering and martial arts, has spent time in both Buddhist and Benedictine monasteries. Marcey, on the other hand, is a 30-year veteran in the banking and finance industry and a certified Reiki master. Together, they used an app to transcribe their enlightening conversations and created ‘The Inside Guide', a powerful guide for readers to apply real-life concepts in their lives.

The four of us “went deep” into spiritual practices, self-reflection, and the process of understanding and overcoming limiting beliefs. The co-authors emphasized the importance of finding our purpose and tapping into the feeling of success, regardless of our circumstances.

A particularly intriguing concept discussed was the metaphor of the ‘mountaintop and the village'. Michael explained this as the journey towards enlightenment or awakening (i.e., the mountaintop), and the process of integrating that experience into our everyday life (i.e., the village). It's about experiencing the peak of spiritual awakening and bringing that wisdom and understanding back into our daily existence.

One of the most poignant moments of our discussion was when Marcey revealed how she was initially taken aback by the frequency of her name in the book. It made her realize how much of herself was in the book. However, her passion for Michael's work and its impact on her life made her accept and celebrate this transparency. She noted that through the writing process, she had to live her purpose and stay connected to it, and this realization helped her bring her ‘mountaintop experience' to her daily life.

As we concluded our conversation, the authors revealed their enthusiasm for the book ‘The Inside Guide' and looked forward to more conversations in the future. This episode was a testament to the profound impact a dialogue can have on expanding consciousness and understanding life at a deeper level.

In conclusion, this insightful episode with the authors of ‘The Inside Guide' provided a fresh perspective on living a fulfilling life. It underlined the importance of perception, personal transformation, and finding purpose.

It serves as a reminder that the journey towards fulfillment and success is not just about achieving our goals but also about understanding and overcoming our limiting beliefs, embracing our unique journey, and ultimately, finding our purpose in the pursuit of our passions.

It's a mind-opening episode you won't want to miss!

Listen below or watch here. You can find out more about the authors here.

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